Reply to an Islamophobe Bully

Occasionally, I receive hateful messages from random Islamophobic strangers on Facebook or sometimes if people are brave enough, they say it all in person. Either way, it hurts and scars take a long time to heal. Last week, I received a very offensive message from a total stranger and to that I decided to reply. I am going to publish this as it is indicative of all the “behind the scenes” bullying that goes on by the Islamophobes especially towards the Muslim girls/women.


Hello Joseph,

Wow! You must have some good amount of time sending hate messages to random people. Pardon my late reply, I am packed up on time for the most part.

Our world has a horrid history. World Wars, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Holocaust, colonialism, war on terror and the list goes on. These events did not take place that long ago, infact they are ongoing. Now let us do the math. More than 170 Million people were killed in the two world wars; over 150,000 people died because of Atomic attack on Hiroshima;  more than 75,000 died in Nagasaki;  approximately 5,750,000 died during the Holocaust; Over 5 million were killed during the British colonialism; Roughly 3 million innocent civilians killed during the war on terror. Adding up from just these events makes over 237.75 MiIlion (237,750,000) deaths and the number increases each day thanks to the American drones strategy. 237.75 Million! I am sorry to break your bubble but these 237,750,000 victims belonged to diverse cultures across the globe and were not killed by the Muslims, hence proving that Muslims are not the ones fighting against every other culture.

“As a western person we are tired of it all.” Either you refer to yourself with a royal we or you have generalized your hate to others who do not hold the same beliefs as you. I say you do not make this generalization again as it violates the freedom of thoughts of billions living in the west. You cannot tell millions of westerners to leave just because they do not abide by your beliefs (forcing others to be like you) as that is oppressive, a non-western trait. Finally, western Muslims have their homes in the west. Majority are born and raised in the west and are equal of the citizen as you are. Their ancestors migrated to America/ Canada decades or even a century ago. If they’re still immigrants, so are you. If immigrants do not belong in the west, then the only owners of this side of the world are the Indigenous First Nations. Sorry, but we are all living on the First Nation’s forcefully taken land. If you still have issues with the Muslims (or any other religious/ ethnic group), maybe you should consider emigration. Why should millions, whose rights are constitutionally protected, change or move just to accommodate a single you?

“…….hell hole you call Pakistan.” Yeah, any place where the U.S. drones begin bombing on the sleeping civilians at night does become a “hell hole.” As for your comment on respect for women, try disrespecting one of their women and then see who laughs. Do not underestimate the strength of a South Asian woman, they are born with some powerful karate moves.

I suggest you try understanding people as individuals instead of hating and stereotyping them as a whole.

Take care.


11 thoughts on “Reply to an Islamophobe Bully

  1. You sure showed him! Even I am speechless to your perfectly constructed reply leaving absolutely no holes to creep out of! *impressed and inspired* :O

  2. Well said people think that third people have no respect Muslims keep their daughters like princess’s wives like queens and mothers are respected so much so nobody is supposed to answer them back.we live in our culture,we might not be so rich but we share our joys and sorrows.we are very strong from inside just because the care and love we get all our lives.

    • Thank you. Apparently, this person was blinded by hate against anyone but the White. He said very shocking and unacceptable things. Some people generalize the doings of some on the entire community, may be that happens due to the lack of exposure to the individuals from that community combined with the constant bashing by the media. Wow, I have never heard of Timothy Mcveigh. There was another person by the name of Raymond Davis who was a spy with over 50 identities. He shot some people (going to work) out of fear in Pakistan but was bailed by the US government. Now he is in prison in America for getting into an American street fight. This happened just two years ago and sadly, no one has heard of him. There are so many other cases that are hidden.

  3. Well said. Good for you. Go girl. Seriously, we need more people like you to stand up to the small but vocal minority of jerks who don’t understand that the Constitution guaranteed “Freedom of Religion” to everybody.

    Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more from you, Yumna.

    • Thank you, Elyse for your words of support. The constitution has definitely protected everyone’s freedoms. Unfortunately, bullies misunderstand the “Freedom of Speech” part.

      I really look forward to reading your blog as well.

  4. Yumna, although I don’t know you, I stand in unity with you. Everything you have expressed here is the same as I think and feel. I am a 60 year old white American woman and I am proud of our diversity, freedom, and especially of our youth of today. I believe it is our youth that will transcend the historic prejudices, bigotry and violence and create a world where all can exist in love and in peace. Your essay above proves this to me in a large and concrete way. Bless you for having the courage to speak out and to share with us all.

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